Well it’s always great to head back to Bournemouth to visit Adam Eason and hang around with the friendly faces his Anglo European College of Therapeutic Hypnosis attracts. So it was with glee yesterday that I headed down the road for the annual hypno geek dinner party.

Pain Management For Hypnotherapists Seminar

Adam regularly hosts guest speakers at the school and yesterday was a very special guest indeed. Yesterday’s seminar was set around the use of hypnosis* for pain management. Now this is something I am particularly interested in. Not only because in my practice I specialise in helping clients with health anxiety, which often involves various pain related issues but because it was the use of hypnosis for pain control that sparked my interest in the field and led me towards the path I know happily tread.

So I was very excited about attending yesterday’s seminar. This excitement was added to with the knowledge that it was Mark Chappell leading the seminar. I have known Mark for a while now and he is not only a top bloke but an absolute hypno geek. Mark spent ten years working as a HCPC registered Anaesthetic ODP in both NHS and private hospitals in the South West of England. It is from this experience that Mark became interested in psychological methods of managing pain.

Mark now runs a busy hospital-based Pain Management practice in Poole, Dorset. He is also actively involved in several NHS multidisciplinary teams as an advisor on the use of Hypnotherapy for patients who have failed to respond to otherwise conservative treatment.

So this seminar was something I had been looking forward to for a while and it did not disappoint.
Mark’s experience in the medical environment allowed him to speak fluently on the latest theories and understanding of how we experience pain both physiologically and cognitively. Mark’s humour helped lubricate what could to some feel like a dry subject.

His approach and working flexibility translated brilliantly as he presented how he works with often difficult issues in a ‘case study’ section. His work is strongly supported by evidence-based research yet he described how he avoided this limiting his decision making. His explanation of how he adapts Clinical Hypnosis, Mindfulness, CBT and Self-hypnosis while remaining totally client orientated was fascinating when you consider the scrutiny that accompanies receiving referrals directly from leading surgeons.

It was a brilliant days learning topped off with a fair dose of Chappell humour. Which lead us nicely to the bar for the annual hypnosis geek Christmas dinner.

The Bar & Dinner.

While the ladies powdered their noses I got some Eason time. I love catching up with Adam. Anyone who knows Adam understands that his academic prowess within our field is bettered only by his school boy humour. So after the usual pleasantries it was toilet humour and banter all the way. The festivities, laughter and childish sniggering continued throughout the meal. I got to sit with Mark and bent his ear a little more about his practice, while he enquired about my work in Southampton dealing with health anxiety before we descended into more potty humour.
My last memory was a YMCA ‘off’ with another group of festive revellers.

What a great day out!

A massive thank you and a very merry Christmas to both Mark for his fascinating seminar and Adam for hosting another great festive knees up!
*Hypnosis is not suitable for all clients and results vary person to person. All our programmes can be delivered effectively without the use of hypnosis.
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