Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Southampton

Utilising a combination of Cognitive-Behavioural and traditional hypnotherapeutic* approaches, our weight reduction programme is designed not only to help you reduce your weight but also maintain those results long term.

If you feel trapped in a cycle of weight loss & weight gain, find yourself giving into cravings or simply cannot get motivated to change, our weight management specialists can help.

SCH Weight Loss Programme

As with all SCH programmes, the treatment plan will be designed around you and your goals. Therefore the number of sessions required differs between clients.
As a guide, 4 – 6 sessions will be required for most clients, however progress & results will be reflective of commitment and motivation.
Typical sessions include:

  • Addressing and monitoring how you think about and perceive food.
    Hypnotic work aimed at altering your relationship with food.
  • Hypnotic work aimed at cutting out indulgences and giving you control over your consumption habits long term.
  • Examining the facts about diets.
    Weight loss tips.
  • Powerful motivational hypnosis sessions, aimed at driving you towards your goals and preventing relapse into old habits.
  • Behaviour & belief alteration work will be undertaken, aimed at removing obstacles that have prevented you reaching your goals in the past.
  • Generation of new behaviours & beliefs that can help you not only reduce your weight but maintain your results.

Many diet plans, pills for weight loss or fast weight loss programmes promise quick results that are just unrealistic and often dangerous.
Some people may see these as a quick fix however they neglect the importance of the mind.

Our weight loss programme can help you lose those extra pounds and maintain the results long term.


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*Hypnosis is not suitable for all clients and results vary person to person. All our programmes can be delivered effectively without the use of hypnosis.
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