To secure your hypnotherapy session, simply click the PayPal button.
No Paypal account? The Paypal button can also be used to make credit & debit card payments, no account sign up required.

The £30.00 booking/cancellation fee will be held throughout the duration of your programme.
Your booking/cancellation fee will be refunded during your final programme session.


To make a payment via credit or debit card simply click the Paypal button above, then choose – Pay with credit or debit card option.

What does the booking/cancellation fee cover?

Booking/cancellation fees ensure that not only do you secure your session but should you cancel your hypnotherapy session without giving 24hrs notice, your therapist is not left out of pocket.
(Note; cancellation fees are applied at your therapists discretion)

If you have any questions regarding SCH booking/cancellation fees please contact us via our contact page.