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Cognitive-Behavioural therapies have become the natural treatment of choice for overcoming anxiety. Many studies and research programmes provide significant supporting evidence for utilising Cognitive-Behavioural approaches in anxiety treatment.

Southampton Clinical Hypnotherapy specialise in anxiety treatment programmes that not only teach you how you can overcome anxiety but how it’s possible to maintain the results long term.
Clinical research proves Cognitive-Behavioural approaches to be more effective when combined with hypnosis*.

There is no one typical symptom of anxiety. Sufferers may experience a single symptom and others suffer many. These symptoms are often debilitating and have a major impact on a persons life.

The most commonly reported symptoms according to NHS UK are:

Dizziness, tiredness, strong/fast/irregular heartbeat (palpitations), muscle aches and tension, trembling or shaking, dry mouth, excessive sweating, shortness of breath, stomach ache, feeling sick, headache, pins & needles, difficulty falling/staying asleep (insomnia), irritability, restlessness, sense of dread, feeling “on edge”, difficulty concentrating

What can be done to help with my anxiety?

Southampton Clinical Hypnotherapy anxiety treatment programmes can give you back control over your problems. Read any social anxiety forum and you are likely to see how many people live in fear of the future or spend hours trapped in cycles of negative thinking.
A combination of therapy and monitoring exercises (such as thought-behaviour diaries) can allow us to discover how your problem has developed and occurs.
Training in specific skills can then give you relief from your problem and allow you to free yourself from anxiety.

Typical sessions may include:

  • Anxiety education. You will learn about anxiety and together we will consider the causes of your anxiety & why you’re experiencing anxious symptoms.
  • Hypnotic symptom control, works at reducing your intitial anxiety and resetting your nervous system. This can give you effective relief from the symptoms of anxiety.
  • Relaxation & self hypnosis training. Learning to experience deep relaxation easily and quickly whenever you choose is a key to overcoming anxiety. You cannot be anxious and relaxed at the same time, so you will learn how you can easily control your anxiety.
  • Thought, feelings & behaviour training, teaches you how you can spot, stop, alter and control negative thinking & self-critical thoughts. This can give you back control of your feelings and problematic behaviours.
  • Self reliance training. Learning how to put all your new skills into practice in the real world, is an important part of the programme and can help you maintain control of your life and how you feel.

As with all SCH programmes, the treatment plan will be designed around you and your goals. Therefore the number of sessions required differs between clients.
As a guide 4 – 6 sessions will be required for most clients, however progress & results will be reflective of commitment and motivation.

If you want to be rid of anxiety, live without fear of the future, stop negative thinking & self-critical thoughts, Southampton Clinical Hypnotherapy can help.

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*Hypnosis is not suitable for all clients and results vary person to person. All our programmes can be delivered effectively without the use of hypnosis.
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